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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: Photos: Super-smart celebrities. Famous faces with brains to match — One of Mensa’s most famous members is Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis. As if being really smart isn’t enough, she also nearly qualified for the women’s Olympic archery team. Hide Caption. Famous faces with brains to match — Funnyman Steve Martin once considered becoming a philosophy professor instead of a comedian. Another Mensa member, he has a self-reported IQ of Famous faces with brains to match — Beauty and brains: Actress Natalie Portman completed her degree at Harvard University while filming the “Star Wars” movies.

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Brainiac 5 Querl Dox is a fictional superhero character who exists in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe. He is from the planet Colu [1] and is a long-standing member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The first live-action version of the character appeared as a regular character in the fifth season and a recurring character in the seventh season of Smallville , played by James Marsters.

Brainiac 5 is introduced in the third season of Supergirl , portrayed by Jesse Rath. He became part of the main cast in the fourth season. A female version of Brainiac 5 from an alternate universe appeared in the fifth season of Supergirl , portrayed by Rath’s sister Meaghan Rath. Several years later, when Brainiac was revealed to be a living computer, the story was retconned , and Brainiac 5 became the villain’s adopted son.

Brainiac 5 is a green-skinned, blond-haired teenage native of the planet Colu, who claimed to be descended from the original Brainiac , one of Superman ‘s deadliest enemies. When Brainiac 1 was revealed to be an android created by the Computer Tyrants, Brainiac 5 “discovered” he was actually descended from Brainiac 2, the leader of the rebellion against the tyrants, as well as being the clone of the original Brainiac.

Brainiac 5’s ingenuity led to the invention of, amongst other things, the Legion flight ring perfecting an invention of the original Invisible Kid based on a metal discovered by Mon-El , the anti-lead serum that allowed Mon-El to leave the Phantom Zone and the force field belt which became the signature device of the character.

Another of Brainiac 5’s creations had less beneficial effects: the super computer Computo , which attempted to take over the world, killing one of Triplicate Girl ‘s three selves in the process. He successfully destroyed his creation with “an anti-matter force”. Another experiment, performed in conjunction with honorary Legionnaire Rond Vidar, led to the transformation of fellow scientist Professor Jaxon Rugarth into the psychotic, all-powerful Infinite Man.

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Before you get started, there is one big note of caution. Hearing their voice adds a new dimension to a relationship. It will give you an idea on the cadence they speak in, as well as if there are any awkward pauses when they respond to your questions. Your safety is better protected on your cell phone. People are able to pull up your name, address, and directions to your house just by knowing your phone number. To illustrate my point, go to Google.

3 ‘ w Catalog full. rtg SkyChart Date 7 – 8 – Time 00 EST Real of the Sky Catalog Search Detailed Search Search Sun Mercury Venus Moon Mars issue of SkyWatch (http: / / skywatch. brainiac. com / swfall pdf).

Connecting The following decades firmly established fashion as an industry across India, the campuses her studies were done at had a common trend of college students being strongly interested in every other students private life. D, a rather conservative and moderation policies make excuses for hours. If your home near Nagasaki in Privacy on making in use.

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Search. Advanced · #HarryPotterAtHome – Read or listen to the first Harry Potter book. No wait. ×. Title details for Brainiac by Ken Jennings – Available.

History might prove me wrong, but I feel this will turn the site into even more of a sign fest than your average OKCupid. Women don’t need to look that hard to find a nerd on a dating site. On OKCupid, you can narrow your search by languages spoken. It’s worked for me. Interesting idea, but oh dear does the dating sign need some serious help from a web designer. Though clunky and perhaps not entirely well thought-out, it does get at the question of how to meet the literally like-minded.

While I doubt that I’d poke around with Mensa-esque puzzles to prove my intellectual worthiness, I do think there needs to be some brainiac to get male and female nerds in the same room with the potential for more than just a keynote speaker. I will now reveal my super secret method to meet literally like-minded people: Find a group engaging in something you like, perhaps a fantasy book club, or a frisbee team, or a sign furniture building class, anything you have a real interested in.

Join that group. There’s no step 3.

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It sounds like you lived in a fascist dictatorship not a socialist country. A world revolution in the corporate and political backyard what his poem. Resolute Batman decides to burn down the Court of Owlss house. Cyborg is especially disgusted when he discovers that during a rally with supporters of the Joker who reject Superman the Man of Steel killed over two hundred defenseless protesters in anger. Whta is presented here is truth.

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