How Old Is My Singer Sewing Machine?

White and based in Cleveland, Ohio , since In , Thomas White’s son, Rollin , developed a steam engine , using a corner of one of his father’s factories to start building automobiles. In the automotive venture was spun off as its own company, the White Motor Company. By the early s, however, White was losing money amid a flood of cheaper imported sewing machines and the loss of a supplier contract from Sears , which had represented 40 percent of White’s business. WCI purchased Westinghouse ‘s major appliance business in , which resulted in creation of the White-Westinghouse brand name. WCI was acquired by Electrolux in

The White Sewing Machine Comapny

Search this site. Singer Sewing Machine Treadle. White Rotary Sewing Machine Serial Numbers sewing machine a textile machine used as a home appliance for sewing. Any mechanical or electromechanical device used to stitch cloth or other material; normally uses two threads to form lock stitches. A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric,paper,card and other material together with thread.

Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies.

I have a White Rotary FR and White Sewing Machine Support at [email protected]​ gave me the date as

It also lists several patent dates. The latest is June 3, Can you tell me the history of the machine? A: Thomas White began producing sewing machines in in Templeton, Mass. The White Family Rotary model was introduced in the late s. White also made sewing machines for other companies, including Sears Roebuck. The company name became White Sewing Machine Corp. Business declined in the s as foreign-made machines became available in the United States.

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The Story of the May Sisters. By the late ‘s, virtually all sewing machines had evolved to the same utilitarian design we still see today. While practical, this universal sameness has made us forget the golden age of sewing machines, when every manufacturer had unique designs ofte n featuring elaborate scrollwork frames and beautiful illustrations.

Come with me as we turn back the pages of time to an era when sewings machines could cost as much as a year’s wages and were status symbols as important as Rolex watches and smart phones are today. The sewing machines shown on this page are part of a collection that started with a machine made in by the Jones Sewing Machine Company.

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It was the company’s most popular machine and was made until the s. White also gimbels sewing machines for other companies, including Sears Roebuck. The model turquoise became White Sewing Machine Corp. Business declined in the s as foreign-made machines became available in the United States. American manufacturers couldn’t compete with Japanese companies making cheaper sewing machines, and by most of the American manufacturers were out of japanese.

White merged with Husqvarna Viking, a Swedish firm. The letters “FR” in your serial number indicate you have a Family Rotary machine. The rest of the numbers buy it was made in The woman who owned your sewing machine attached her pincushion to the arm of the cabinet so it would be handy. You can find out vintage about old sewing machines by going to the website of the International Sewing Machine Collectors Society. Login to leave a turquoise.

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By , the company was producing about 60, machines each year. By , White had merged with Husqvarna Viking. You can find the age of White sewing machines using the serial number stamped on each machine or printed on a tag affixed to the machine. Examine the outside of the sewing machine for a number stamped in the metal or a tag that contains the serial number.

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Welcome, Private Messages : Unread. Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Many features may not work properly without it. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. Others being the model , the , and the or X, the odd looking “New Rotary” machine made by Juki for White. The was a straight stitch only machine with a “” stamped into the underside. Now those were super fun sentences to write!

Maybe by the end of this I can write a few more! Usually I try to find a front, back, serial number, manual and cam if needed photograph. Meeting that criteria is 46 different models. The ‘new to me’ list has trickled down considerably one yesterday, none today while the ‘dated’ and ‘image’ list increase by maybe one or two a day.

Dating white sewing machines

If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. It was founded by Thomas Howard White and a partner in Templeton, Massachusetts, when as a 22 year old, he invented a chain stitch sewing machine small enough to fit in the palm of the hand.

This machine was so successful that within a few years it was necessary to obtain bigger premises. In The decision was made to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio as this was felt to be more central to their markets. When it was incorporated in , the company changed its name to the White Sewing Machine Company.

would like to find date and value of White sewing machine Model , serial number – Sewing Machines.

Karen J. You are a very good teacher and very organized. Thanks for your patience. Great group and I am so pleased with my machine. Friendly environment. All material we need. Very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. I will be back! Thank you so much! It was like a big warm hug for my Featherweight and I. Thanks, Nova! Loved every minute of this information packed class! Your tips and hints are better than any I have read or seen elsewhere.

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How Do I Find Out the Year of a White Sewing Machine?

September 11, August 19, by Kaity. Singer sewing machines have a long and rich history, dating as far back as These beautiful machines have evolved over the years but are still standing the test of time, with some of the older models being highly sought after by collectors and sewing enthusiasts.


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Names such as far back as the international. If you’ve inherited an improved version of.

How to determine the value of your old sewing machine

If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start. If we don’t have a listing for the name, please use the search function to see if there is any mention of it on our site. The International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society is the premiere sewing machine collector’s group.

White had invented a small hand-operated sewing machine (on which he obtained a US patent in ), starting his own business, with partner William L. Grout.

Vintage sewing machines a re real workhorses. While they do not have all the bells and whistles of the modern computerized sewing machines, they were built tough. Those old vintage machines last and last if they are taken care of properly and White sewing machines are no exceptions. The company started in in Templeton, MA, and later moved to Cleveland, Ohio where it was incorporated in To learn more about the history of the White sewing machine company all you have to do is spend a few moments reading our article.

It was Thomas White who founded the White Sewing machine company in Only back then it was called the White manufacturing company and only changed its name when it was incorporated in The company was family-run until about when Edward Reddig became president and started to make wholesale changes to the operation. The company used to make cars but in that manufacturing strategy was spun off and became a separate company known as the White Motor Company.

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William L. Cleveland, Ohio. From White Sewing Machine Company. Seeking a central location near markets and materials. William Grout of the city and county of Worcester, State of Massachusetts. This small sewing machine, which has no identifying marks, may have been made in Brattleboro, Vermont by one of the two manufacturers operating there in the period from Thomas H.

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